BACON – Bdew’s Advanced Configuration Object Notation


BACON is a configuration format used by most of my mods and potentially could be used by other mods as well.

This document assumes some minimal understanding of Minecraft and Forge internals, but does not require any programming knowledge whatsoever.

BACON is an extensible format and each mod has it’s own extensions. This document describes the basic syntax shared between all users, for mod-specific extensions – look at their documentation.

General notes about the syntax

  • BACON files are normal text files, editable with any text editor
  • BACON files are processed as a list of statements
  • There are no required statement delimiters
  • Whitespace, indentation and line breaks are not significant
  • Case is significant in most places, unless specified otherwise
  • Comments follow C style ( /* comment */ and //comment )
    • Known issue: The parser has problems with very long multi-line /* */ comments, causing a stack overflow crash
  • Strings should be quoted in double quotes (“foo”)
    • In most places, a single-word alphanumeric string can be written without quotes

Formatting convention

When specifying syntax in this document, the following conventions are used:

simple text is part of the syntax and should be used verbatim
[optional parts are in square braces and colored gray]
{placeholders are in curly braces and bolded}
{some placeholders can also be links}
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