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Version: (For Minecraft: 1.7.10)
1.4 MiB
Advanced Generators » Post
Version: (For Minecraft: 1.7.10)
1.4 MiB



  • Added a workaround for advanced alloy turbine recipes not working with IC2 classic
  • Added immersive engineering coke and biodiesel to default configs
  • Updated Chinese localization (Ahtsm)


  • Added support for item output into Mekanism pipes
  • Added rubber wood as carbon source
  • Added IC2 EV Emitter
  • Fixed fuel and energy remaining above capacity after removing tanks and/or capacitor modules
  • Fixed energy duplication with IC2 Emitters due to ENet being stupid
  • Fixed Mekanism biofuel in syngas produser
  • Fixed some fuels from other mods not working


  • Added detailed tooltips to multiblock controllers/modules
  • Added forestry peat (normal and bituminous) as carbon sources
  • Added PneumaticCraft and MagneticCraft fuels
  • Reduced advanced valve energy cost in TE smelter to 48k so it can be done by a basic machine
  • Updated French and Chinese localization (thanks Mazdallier, Ahtsm, PatchouliHina)
  • Fixed issues with with some locales that use weird Latin letter upper/lower case mappings (e.g. Turkish)


  • Fixed fuels not being accepted by Gas Turbine Generator under some conditions if multiple types of the same fluid is registered
  • Updated Simplified Chinese localization (thanks Ahtsm and Joccob)


  • Added efficiency upgrades for Gas Turbine Generators
  • Added fuels for Gas Turbine Generators:
  • Added Minechem carbon and cellulose as carbon sources in Syngas Producer
  • Added options to hide fuel/carbon tooltips outside their GUIs
  • Added 5% and 95% fill Sensor Module options
  • Added power generation sensor for gas turbine
  • Reduced energy produced from Mekanism hydrogen and ethene
  • Fixed blocks interacting with redstone not working correcty with Project Red (and possibly other
  • modded) wires
  • Fixed fuel/carbon tooltips not working without NEI
  • Fixed weird behavior when multiple types of steam are registered (e.g. Railcraft + TE)
  • Fixed Syngas Producer not accepting RailCraft coke block, increased value to 32k
  • Fixed Syngas Producer not accepting some items with big carbon value
  • Fixed gas input not accepting gas from enderio conduits
  • Fixed client config generating on servers
  • Improved support for RF Tools display (can show RF stored/capacity in generators)


  • Added multiple turbine tiers – up to 500 RF/t
  • Added multiple capacitor tiers – up to 25M RF
  • Added control modules
  • Added upgrade kits for capacitors/turbines
  • Old power capacitor renamed to Basic, recipe and capacity changed
  • Steam turbine math tweaks
  • Added IC2 biogas as fuel


  • Added Mekanism integration
  • Added IMC registration of carbon sources


  • Added Sensor Module
  • Syngas Producer changes:
    • Added Coke (Railcraft) and Sugar Charcoal (MFR) as carbon sources
    • Will now accept steam from external sources
    • Can now operate without heating chambers if steam is piped in

0.9.11 Hotfix 1

  • Fixed crash if BC Core and/or CoFH API is present but not the respective transport API


  • Fixed Flux Generators not working with some machines and pipes/conduits


  • Refactored WAILA handlers to reduce weirdness in laggy SMP and/or LAN
  • Fixed crash in output configuration GUI


  • New machine: Syngas Producer
  • New fuel: Syngas
  • Fixed missing module names
  • Added WAILA support to all machines
  • Restructured config files, lowered log level of some spammy messages
  • Fixed obsidian generated by heat exchanger wrong damage value
  • Made energy units displayed in GUIs and tooltips configurable
  • Updated to BDLib 1.6.3, forge


  • Changed energy gauges tooltips to show RF
  • Updated to BDLib 1.6.2
    • Fixes crashes on dedicated servers and loss of fluids from exchanger



  • Updated to BC 6.2.0
  • MJ support removed


  • Fixed a crash when BC API is installed but not BC itself


  • Updated to BC 6.1.5, which is now the minimal supported version
  • Added Russian localization (thanks shikhtv!)


  • Updated configuration system – see documentation for details
  • Updated Korean localization (Thanks puyo061)
  • Added German localization (Thanks Reyls)


  • Built with newer bdlib (this is a required update)
  • Added Czech localization (thanks nalimleinad)


  • Fixed fuels with non-alphanumeric names in config (added ability to quote)
  • Added Korean localization (thanks TeamMMKP)
  • Added Chinese localization (thanks sb023612)

Open Source

The mod is licensed under the MMPL-1.0, the source code is available on GitHub.

Yes this means you have permission to add it to any public or private mod pack.

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