Heat Exchanger


This is a multiblock machine that transfers heat between various substances.


  • The heat exchanger has an internal temperature measured in Heat Units (HU).
  • Hot fluids can be used to transfer heat to the system which then can be used to heat other substances.
  • The exchanger will start heating fluids only when it’s temperature is above 150 HU.
  • The temperature will not go above 1000 HU.
  • Some heat is lost every tick. More heat will be lost as temperature increases.
  • Every exchanger module increases the maximum heat transfer per tick by 16 HU.

Supported inputs

  • Lava will produce 30 HU per mB and output 1 block of obsidian per bucket.
  • IC2 Hot Coolant will produce 8 HU¬†per mB and output cooled coolant .
  • Water will consume 3 HU per 5 mB and produce 15 mB of Steam.



This is the main block of the exchanger.



Increases the maximum heat transfer per tick by 16 HU



  • Input hot fluid is in the top tank, moving to the bottom as it cools down
  • Input cold fluid is in the left tank, moving to the right as it heats up
  • Stats to the right (mouse over icons for explanation).
  • Click wrench icon for output configuration.
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