Capacitor Modules


These modules can be added to Gas and Steam Turbine Generators to increase energy capacity. Up to 10 modules can be added to one generator

Basic Capacitor


  • Stores up to 1,000,000 RF

Advanced Capacitor



  • Stores up to 5,000,000 RF

High Density Capacitor


  • Stores up to 25,000,000 RF

Upgrade Kits

Upgrade kits can be used to upgrade capacitors to a higher tier in place. Shift+Right Click the kit anywhere on the multiblock to upgrade one of the capacitors.


EnderIO Recipes

eio-cap-basic  eio-cap-advanced  eio-cap-dense

eio-upgrade-adv  eio-upgrade-dense

Thermal Expansion Recipes

te-cap-basic  te-cap-adv  te-cap-dense

te-upgrade-adv  te-upg-dense

IndustrialCraft2 Recipes

ic2-cap-basic  ic2-cap-adv  ic2-cap-dense

ic2-upg-adv  ic2-upg-dense

Vanilla Minecraft Recipes (if none of the above are available)

vanilla-cap-adv  vanilla-cap-basic  vanilla-cap-dense

vanilla-upgrade-adv  vanilla-upgrade-dense

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