Syngas Producer


This is a multiblock machine that makes a fluid fuel (Syngas) from solid carbon-based fuels.


  • Each heating chamber consumes up to to 2 carbon per tick to produce 0.1 heat
  • When above 150 heat each heating chamber will also produce up to 50 mB of steam per tick
    • This scales as the heat gets higher, with the maximum produced at 200 heat
  • Each mixing chamber will consume up to 50 carbon and 10 mB of steam per tick to produce 1 mB of syngas
  • For optimal efficiency there should be 1 heating chamber per 5 mixing chamber
    • Additional heating chambers will speed up heating time, but reduce overall efficiency by a bit
  • Can accept steam made elsewhere – in that mode no carbon will be consumed for heating

Supported solid fuels

  • Coal Block – 16,000 Carbon
  • Coal, charcoal, coal dust, charcoal dust, wood log, wood pulp – 1,600 Carbon
  • Plank – 400 Carbon
  • Railcraft Coke – 3,200 Carbon (32,000 Carbon for coke block)
  • MFR Sugar charcoal – 400 Carbon (4,000 for sygar charcoal block)
  • Mecanism Compressed Carbon – 3,200
  • Mekanism BioFuel – 800
  • Minechem Carbon – 200
  • Minechem Cellulose – 1200



This is the main block of the Syngas Producer.


Heating Chamber

Produces up to 50 mb steam per tick when heated up


Mixing chamber

Consumes up to 10 mb steam and 50 carbon and produces 1 mb of syngas per tick




  1. Input water tank
  2. Output syngas tank
  3. Heat level indicator
  4. Mixing chamber (shows carbon and steam)
  5. Solid fuel input slots
  6. Information pane, from top to bottom:
    • Heat gain/loss
    • Carbon consumed per tick
    • Syngas produced per tick
  7. Buttons, from top to bottom:


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