Configuration Sections


Configuration Sections are used to specify  a set of key-value pairs used to configure mod mechanics

cfg {name} {

Configuration Entries can have multiple forms:

  • {key} = {decimal number}
    • Can be fractional and/or negative
  • {key} = 0x{hex number}
    • Must be a non-negative integer
  • {key} = {string}
    • String should be quoted unless it’s a single, alphanumeric word
  • {key} = {  {number list}  }
    • List is delimited by spaces or new lines
  • A child section (using the same format as above)
  • Drops List


  • Keys can have non-alphanumeric characters in them, but must be quoted in that case
  • Colors, where required, can be specified either as a {r g b} list (with value 0 – 1) or a hex number (0xRRGGBB)
  • Boolean values will interpret “Y”, “True”, “Yes”, “On” (case insensitive) as True and anything else as false
  • Sections with the same name defined in different places will be seamlessly merged, with the later overriding previous values on collisions

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