Mar 152015

I’ve installed Akismet to help me fight the unending stream of spam i’m getting in the comments. If your comment doesn’t show up after posting – don’t worry, i’ll still look at it and if it’s not spam – approve it.

If you need more immediate means of contacting me – you can PM me on MCF, CurseForge or Twitter.

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Sep 172014

I’ve just updated WP to 4.0 and some other components as well.

Everything should be back in working state now, if you see any glitches – leave a comment here or pm me on MCF or Reddit.

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Mar 272014

So I’ve switched the CMS on this site to WordPress

I’m still tweaking stuff around, if you notice anything borked please comment on this post or PM me on MCF

As a bonus now the front page is actually a blog (yes, you are reading it right now) which i may or may not remember to ever post on again 😛

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