v1.12.13 – Released 11/10/2015

  • Updated to Forestry 4.0.8 stable which is now the minimum supported version
  • Some forestry-related functionality was migrated to Forestry itself

v1.12.11 – Released 23/07/2015

  • Extended AE2 drag&drop support to all fake slots
  • Added RailCraft Work Cart [?] support
  • Added developer tools module (off by default)
  • Added Czech localization (thanks nalimleinad)
  • Added French localization (thanks Mazdallier)

v1.12.10 – Released 18/06/2015

  • Fixed issue with mods that change the client-side world object (e.g. Looking Glass)

v1.12.9 – Released 31/05/2015

  • Fixed potential breaking of NEI when other mods do weird things
  • Added Chinese localization (thanks 3TUSK)

v1.12.8 – Released 13/05/2015

  • Removed Ex Nihilo hammer/sieve recipes as they are now handled by EX Nihilo itself.
  • Added mutation dump to NEI tools (thanks to @traydent for idea and initial implementation)
  • Updated to WAILA 1.5.10
  • Added NEI subsets localization (Adaptivity)
  • Added Russian localization (Adaptivity)
  • Added Italian  localization (TheVikingWarrior)
  • Added French localization (Mazdallier)

v1.12.7 – Released 30/04/2015

  • AE2 Cell Workbench can now be configured by dragging items from NEI
    • Requires NEI Addons to be installed on the server
  • Added [?] button support for Bibliocraft and RemoteIO workbenches
  • Fixed multiple errors caused by other mods putting bad data in Forestry API
  • Added localization support


  • There is no v1.12.6

v1.12.5 – Released 15/03/2015

  • Fixed forestry worktable support for unstable 3.5.0
  • This change is backwards compatible and will work with stable releases as well

v1.12.4 – Released 20/02/2015

  • Added ProjectE philosopher stone support
  • Changed MPSA crafting support to work with QXE version (Korynkai)
  • Remove outdated TiC crafting station compatibility (squeek502)
  • Updated to Forge

v1.12.3 – Released 22/10/2015

  • Fixed crashes if any of the Forestry modules are disabled
  • Built agains newer versions of everything

v1.12.2 – Not officially released

  • Added botany module (flower breeding)

v1.12.1 – Not officially released

  • Extra Bees addon disabled for now

v1.12.0 – Not officially released

  • Updated to Minecraft 1.7.10
  • Partially fixed TC crafting station (still doesn’t work with attached chest)

v1.11.0 – Not officially released

  • Updated to Minecraft 1.7.2

v1.10.5 – Released 14/05/2014

  • Added Ex Nihilo addon

v1.10.4 – Released 19/02/2014

  • Fixed crashes caused by Metallurgy Bees

v1.10.3 – Released 17/02/2014

  • Fixed a different crash introduced by the fix in v1.10.2

v1.10.2 – Released 11/02/2014

  • Fixed Fake Item causing crashes if it’s enabled but not used by anything

v1.10.1 – Released 07/02/2014

  • Fixed NPE when looking up produce recipes for bees/saplings with missing NBT data

v1.10.0 – Released 26/01/2014

  • Updated support for MPSA In-Place Assembler (thanks Eximius88!)
  • Switched build system to ForgeGradle in preparation for 1.7.x

v1.9.4 – Released 25/12/2013

  • Fixed crash with EB Serums that don’t have NBT data

v1.9.3 – Released 10/11/2013

  • Fixed potential crash with NEI item subsets (those affected might need to manually clean NEISubset.cfg to take effect)

v1.9.2 – Released 29/09/2013

  • Workaround for NEI not showing items with NBT data outside cheat mode. See for details.

v1.9.1 – Released 14/09/2013

  • Added [?] button support for Forestry – Worktable
    • Requires Forestry or newer
  • Added [?] button support for Tinkers’ Construct – Crafting station
  • Added manual recipe transfer for special crafting tables (Worktable, Pattern Encoder, CCC) so shift+click will work without server side mod

v1.9.0 – Released 17/08/2013

  • Updated to Minecraft 1.6.2

v1.8.2 – Released 29/07/2013

  • Added mutation requirements display (Mouse over the chance percentage when it’s red)

v1.8.1 – Released 03/07/2013

  • Added option to disable various mutation/products display
  • Product stacks will be merged to prevent ExtraTrees crazyness
  • Removed workbench backpacks [?] support, it was added in the mod itself

v1.8.0 – Released 20/06/2013

  • Updated to Forestry API 2.2.8.x (should still work with 2.2.6.x)
  • Updated to Extra Bees 1.6-pre15 (incompatible with earlier versions)
  • Hidden combs from Extra/Magic Bees will be registered in NEI if “Add Combs to Search”
  • Added Butterfly preliminary mutations display

v1.7.2 – Released 14/06/2013

  • Fixed MagicBees class names / modid (forestry combs subset)
  • Build against forge (required by changes in NEI)

v1.7.1 – Released 01/06/2013

  • Fixed Extra Bees addon incorrectly trying to work with older versions of forestry ( required)
  • Fixed Extra Bees addon not loading if errors happen when dumping serums list

v1.7 – Released 30/05/2013

  • Updated for Forestry, will not work with earlier versions
  • Added module for Misc Peripherals
    • Can change the recipe in a Computer Controlled Crafter directly from NEI
  • Added [?] button support for Backpacks mod Workbench Backpacks
  • Added item subsets for Extra Bees (everything)
  • Added item subsets for Forestry bees, saplings, etc. – only if NEIPlugins is not installed

v1.6.1 – Released 29/05/2013

  • Fixed various weird NPE crashes in Forestry Addon

v1.6 – Released 25/05/2013

  • Added module for Extra Bees
    • Adds all serums to NEI search
    • Isolator recipes – shows what bees can be used to get any serum
  • Forestry tree breeding and products
  • Added module for various crafting tables
    • EE3 Minium Stone, BC Autocrafting Table, MPSA In-Place Assembler
  • Performance improvements
    • Slowdowns in unrelated item lookups should be severely reduced, this will be more noticeable with many added bees from addons

1.5 – Released 21/05/2013

  • Updated for forestry
    • Added version checking, so it won’t crash with older versions

1.4 – Released 20/05/2013

  • Mod renamed
  • Added AE and EE3 addons
  • Added option to register all combs with NEI
  • Config file renamed, old config will be ignored, sorry

1.3 – Released 18/05/2013

  • Added NEIPlugins support (thanks mistaqur)

1.2 – Released 11/05/2013

  • Added all bees to the NEI search list

1.1 – Released 10/05/2013

  • Fixed crash on bees that don’t produce anything

1.0 – Released 10/05/2013

  • Initial public release
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