Mar 272014


  • New Machines
    • Extractor – Converts Bees, Sapling, Pollen, Butterflies, etc. into Liquid DNA (compatible with ExtraBees if installed)
    • Liquifier – Converts uncooked meat into Protein liquid
    • Replicator – Uses Liquid DNA and Protein to create a Queen / Sapling / Butterfly from a filled genetic template
    • Transposer – Copies genetic templates and samples
  • New Items
    • Scooporator MX200 Turbo (A.K.A Industrial Scoop)
    • Environmental Processor – Used in new upgrades
  • New Upgrades
    • Desert/Plains/Jungle Emulation Upgrade – Overrides the biome, allows some species to produce their specialty products. Also changes temperature and humidity.
    • Genetic Stabilizer Upgrade – Removes chance of ignoble bees dying
  • Misc Changes
    • Added BC gate triggers
    • New/Improved slot hints in GUIs
    • Sapling drop chance when using a Grafter is now configurable
    • Hell upgrade recipe changed
    • Hell upgrade now affects humidity
    • Genetic Templates now show number of chromosomes (always) and list of missing (with shift)
    • Added command /givetemplate (spawns fully filled genetic templates)
    • Apiaries can now be controlled with redstone signal
    • Added Chinese Traditional localisation (thanks mymagadsl)


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Version: 1.1.0 (For Minecraft: 1.6.4)
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Version: 1.2.0 (For Minecraft: 1.6.4)
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