May 012014

Downloads on jenkins


Supported Mods

Support removed

Known Issues

  • Forestry worktable [?] button doesn’t work in client-only mode – Fixed in build #2
  • All item groups are disabled as NEI lacks support for now
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  9 Responses to “NEI Addons alpha for MC 1.7.2”

  1. AE is done, and is replaced with AE2. That is for 1.7.

  2. First I love your work! <3

    I would like to point out that NEI 1.7.2-1.0.0 is not recommended, also that "applied energistics" will never update because it got replaced by its successor "applied energistics 2"

    • Interesting. I’ll look into adding support for AE2.
      The versions i wrote down are the minimal supported versions, not recommendations.

      Edit: It looks like there’s no pattern encoder or anything like that in AE2. Looks like i’ll just drop it for now.

      • Just wondering, did you know that AE2 does now have pattern encoder blocks. They are modular so they share the same block as the cable. I love this addon for AE1 but it would be soo awesome if AE2 could also have the “?” to click and have the items added to the encoder even if you dont have them in your inventory. Thanks 🙂

        • Yeah the current code for AE id useless for AE2. Also AE2 has native support for the ? button in it’s pattern terminal, but it requires the items to be present in your storage to work. I might try to improve it (if it’s even possible), but it’s not a priority right now.

          Also sorry for your comment waiting for approval for 10 days, i kidna missed it 😛

  3. Also, Forestry is now found on Player’s Jenkins server.

  4. Could you please add the addon for Industrial Craft 2 mod? The craftings doesn’t work

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