Aug 112014

Here’s a short summary of what was and will be happening in the near future with my mods:

  • Deep Core Mining  – This mod has been in flux for a long while and to be honest i don’t think i’ll get back into it anytime soon. I’ll be moving the stable features into other/new mods and discontinuing development for now. All the code is open source and on github and so if anyone wants to take over and do something with it you have my blessings.
  • <New unnamed mod> – Will have a stable version of the multiblock generators from DCM with some expanded functionality. More details in a few days.
  • Pressure Pipes – I’ve moved the Hand Pump and Canister from DCM into this mod, currently planning to add a few more features and i’ll call it 1.0
  • Gendustry – Is pretty stable as it is. Still marked as beta because there is no “official” forestry release for 1.7.10, i’m keeping an eye on what’s going on with forestry right now, the license change and everything.
  • NEI Addons – Also waiting on more mods to have official releases before i call it stable. There is some pressure from people to take over functionality of NEI Plugins because Mistaqur is MIA again, which i’ll probably get to once everything else is done (unless he is back by then).
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  3 Responses to “Update on the state of things”

  1. Not to be one to want to put more pressure on you but OMG, I would absolutly love for you to take NEI Plugins. I think you would do an amazing job with it. Anyway, keep up the great work BDew!

    • The main problem is that it’s not “take” it’s “re-implement a ton code from scratch”… And it’s code that has to touch other mods’ internals in ways that would make a lady blush 😛

      If the original was open source this would be a lot easier.

  2. As much work as it might be, when you get the spare time, I’m sure you’ll make a lot of people very VERY happy with having that functionality back, AND in the awesomeness that is Addons (the ? support for alternate crafting tables and ESPECIALLY the AE Pattern Encoder was just AWESOME).

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