Aug 212014

As i posted earlier, i’m killing off Deep Core Mining development. I have barely touched it in a long while and have way too many other things on my hands and too little time.

Today i released Advanced Generators (which contains the generators from DCM) v0.9, and DCM is now officially dead.

Download are on jenkins only of now, will add an official build soon(tm).

In other news, tonius11 (Simply Jetpacks dev) has released an unofficial update to Mistaqur’q NEI Plugins mod. So people can stop bugging me about it at least until 1.8 😛

My plans for the next days/weeks:

  • Pressure Pipes
    • Add a multiblock tank that works directly with pressure pipes.
    • Add a block that places fluids in world or voids them.
    • Add some minor features like throttling of pumps in configs and such.
    • Release 1.0
  • Advanced generators
    • Add a generator variant that consumes steam.
    • Add a something that consumes lava. Possibly to produce steam+obsidian.
    • Testing,
      • Testing,
        • Testing.
    • Release 1.0
  • Gendustry
    • Test with newly released Binnie Mods, see how bad it breaks.
  • NEI Addons
    • Test with newly released Binnie Mods, see how bad it breaks.
    • Finally fix the goddamn crafting table from TC
    • Look into adding localization
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