• Added Tank Access Port – allows input/output for the same block – intended for use with ExtraCells fluid storage bus and similar mechanics
  • Fixed multiple issues with OpenComputers integration, should be fully usable now
  • Added fluid flow counts to Data Port API (thanks habnabit)
  • Pipe Sensors can now be accessed by computers (thanks habnabit)


  • Fixed issues with tanks larger than 2^31 mB (using custom configs)


  • Added detailed tooltips to multiblock controllers/modules
  • Added Sluice (thanks CplPibald)
  • Updated Chinese localization (thanks Ahtsm)
  • Fixed issues with with some locales that use weird Latin letter upper/lower case mappings (e.g. Turkish)


  • Fixed log spam


  • Added 5% and 95% fill sensor options
  • Added option to hide filled Canisters from NEI (off by default)
  • Added option to show fluid IDs on canisters (off by default)
  • Configurator can now set filters on Routers
  • Fixed blocks interacting with redstone not working correcty with Project Red (and possibly other modded) wires
  • Fixed crash with IC2 fluid ejection upgrades outputting to pressure network
  • Updated Russian localization (thanks shikhtv)


  • Added a workaround for Tank Data Port not working with Open Computers
  • Tanks with Indicators should spam less chunk updates now (improving client performance)



  • Added additional checks to prevent crashes when forge fluid id map is messed up
  • Minor compatibility fix for forge 10.13.3 (backwards compatible)



  • Tanks without indicators should not cause rendering updates when their content changes
  • Hand Pump will not work with stacked tank items – this is a temporary fix for a dupe bug


  • Updated to BDLib 1.6.4


  • Fixed crash on dedicated servers


  • Buffed maximum tank size to 200 blocks
  • Fixed crash when placing pipes at y=0
  • Fix canister fluid indicator rendering under some conditions
  • Canisters can now place fluids in the world
  • Updated to BDLib 1.6.3, forge, WAILA 1.5.9


  • Fixed API helper class not being initialized (making the API useless to external mods, derp!)


  • Updated to BdLib 1.6.0, which is now the minimum supported version


  • Fixed tanks randomly loosing their contents on world/chunk load
  • Updated Russian localization (thanks shikhtv)
  • Updated Korean localization (thanks puyo061)


  • Updated configuration system – see documentation for details
  • New block: Fluid Drain
  • Fixed derpy sidedness in High Pressure Input and High Pressure Pump
  • Fixed various crashes and glitches with fluids that have no texture
  • Changed Tank Pressure Inlet and Outlet recipe so they aren’t a reflection of each other
  • Updated Korean and Chinese localization (Thanks ViKaleidoscope, puyo061 and alvin137)



  • Added WAILA support
  • Improved HandPump client/server sync
  • Fixed fluid icons on blocks with filters not showing color
  • Fixed tank controller not dropping items in it’s inventory when broken
  • Fixed pipes not placing with shift pressed
  • Updated Chinese localization (thanks ViKaleidoscope)


  • New Stuff
  • Mechanics changes
    • High Pressure Input can now pull from tanks/machines if given a redstone signal
    • High Pressure Pump will accept fluid pumped into their back, even with no redstone signal
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed inconsistent mod name in some places
    • Removed forge config file (unused)
    • Filters can be set with all kinds of containers now
    • Fixed empty canister not showing in NEI
    • Fixed pipes not showing up in creative tab
    • Fixed canister not rendering fluid color correctly
    • Fixed pipe blocks not refreshing the connections system when placed
    • Removed spammy debug line
    • Attempt to catch messed fluids when making canisters and complain instead of crashing
  • Localization
    • Added Chinese localization (thanks ViKaleidoscope)
    • Added Croatian localization (thanks Leon1236)


  • Updated to MC 1.7.10


  • Updated to MC 1.7.2
  • Added FMP support


  • First public preview
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