High Pressure Router



  • Has 6 colored sides
  • Connects to both Pressure Pipes and normal fluid pipes/tanks/machines
  • Each side can be configured as input/output or disabled
    • Output sides can have High/Medium/Low priority
    • Fluid will always flow to higher priority outputs as long as they can accept it
    • If multiple outputs with the same priority can accept a fluid, they will be processed in arbitrary order
    • Input sides can be active or passive (this doesn’t affect connections to pressure pipes)
    • In Input (active) mode, fluid will be actively pulled out of tanks or machines
  • Each side can have separate redstone control
  • Each side can have separate filters



  1. Current Mode – Click to change
  2. Filter – Click with fluid container to set, click with empty cursor to remove
  3. Redstone Control – Click to change

Warning! – Pipe loops that connect from an output back to an input without special filtering or other precautions will likely blow up


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