Apr 302015

NEI Addons 1.12.7

  • AE2 Cell Workbench can now be configured by dragging items from NEI
    • Requires NEI Addons to be installed on the server
  • Added [?] button support for Bibliocraft and RemoteIO workbenches
  • Fixed multiple errors caused by other mods putting bad data in Forestry API
  • Added localization support


NEI Addons
Version: (For Minecraft: 1.7.10)
140.0 KiB

Ex Nihilo 1.38.x Beta versions

This (and all previous) version does not work with newer betas of Ex Nihilo due to internal changes.

Due to popular demand (stable versions of EN not working with latest forestry, etc.) i created a separate branch of NEI Addons to support them. Once EN 1.38 becomes stable this will be merged into the main NEI Addons releases.

For now if you use EX Nihilo 1.38.x- download NEI Addons from here instead.

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