May 132015

NEI Addons 1.12.8

  • Removed Ex Nihilo hammer/sieve recipes as they are now handled by EX Nihilo itself.
  • Added mutation dump to NEI tools (thanks to @traydent for idea and initial implementation)
  • Updated to WAILA 1.5.10
  • Added NEI subsets localization (Adaptivity)
  • Added Russian localization (Adaptivity)
  • Added Italian ┬álocalization (TheVikingWarrior)
  • Added French localization (Mazdallier)


NEI Addons
Version: (For Minecraft: 1.7.10)
93.8 KiB
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  2 Responses to “NEI Addons 1.12.8”

  1. Is this compatible with Superheroes unlimited?

    • I see no reason why it wouldn’t be, but i have never used that mod.

      If you have any issues please report them to the bug tracker.

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