• Added support for item output into Mekanism pipes (using Eject Cover)
  • Added client-side option for bee particles frequency
  • Imprinter will now mark output as analyzed if using a full template or input is analyzed
  • Updated to forestry 4.2.0 which is now the minimum supported version


  • Updated to Forestry 4.0.8 stable which is now the minimum supported version


  • Small update that fixes localization of mutagen producer and advanced mutatron GUI titles


  • Added custom hive spawning system
  • Added Error Sensor Cover
  • Added Pollen Scrubber Upgrade (prevents flower spreading and polination)
  • Tools can now be charged using normal crafting and redstone dust/blocks (for packs without charging blocks)
  • Apiaries will emit a block update when error state changes
  • Apiaries will now drop covers when broken (prevents dupes and weirdness)
  • Added option for custom bees to only register when a specific mod or oredict entry is present
  • Fixed housing and bee keeping mode mutation modifiers not applying to custom mutations
  • Fixed apiary BC gate triggers not working
  • Fixed apiaries not connecting correctly to some redstone wires
  • Fixed custom bee products not working correctly if they use the same drop chance
  • Fixed incorrect custom localization loading
  • Updated Chinese localization (thanks InfinityStudio)
  • Fixed issues with with some locales that use weird Latin letter upper/lower case mappings (e.g. Turkish)


  • Fixed log spam and possible crash with other Forestry addons that aren’t fully updated to 3.6.0
  • Industrial Apiary sanity check should not run every time an apiary is placed or loaded


  • Fixed an issue in Industrial Apiaries that caused network packet and chunk update spam (leading to FPS drops)


  • Updated to forestry 3.6.0 which is now the minimum supported version
  • All machines will keep their inventory, energy and fluids when broken
  • Added multiple error states support for Industrial Apiaries
  • Added fractional chances support in bee drops


  • API Switched to Semantic Version Scheme (this version will be 2.0.0)
  • API additions requested by Reika and Vexatos
    • Other mods can now specify Mutagen/Liquid DNA/Protein sources using the API
    • Other mods can now add mutatron overrides using the API (overrides in the config will have higher priority)


  • Added Ocean Emulation Upgrade
  • Winter Emulation Upgrade energy use penalty reduced to 20% to be in line with other upgrades
  • Added config option to disable mutations in the Mutatron or force them to check requirements
  • Forestry holiday bees (Leporine, Merry, Tipsy and Tricky) will only be available during their holidays


  • Fixed issue with JadedTweaks breaking Genetic Template + Samples recipe


  • Bee production/specialty chances can now be fractional (in preparation for Forestry 3.6.0)
  • Fixed error in WAILA tooltip
  • Added derpious bees (Patreon reward for Evans B.)
  • Updated Russian localization (Adaptivity)
  • Added French localization (Mazdallier)


  • Workaround for crash in MagicBees
  • Compatibility fixes for forge 10.13.3.x (backwards compatible with 10.13.2.x)


  • Added silktouch mode to the Scooporator
  • Fixed IguanaTweaks complaining about Industrial Grafter and Scooporator
  • Added Canadian French localization – Thanks DragonsLover
  • Updated Korean localization – Thanks Puyo061

1.4.8 Hotfix 1

  • Fixed crash if BC Core and/or CoFH API is present but not the respective transport API


  • Updated to BDLib 1.6.5


  • Updated to BDLib 1.6.4


  • Fixed pollen collection kit producing invalid items from binnie’s flowers
  • Lowered log level of some spammy messages in config system
  • Updated to BDLib 1.6.3, forge, WAILA 1.5.9


  • Added Pollen Collection Kit – Allows tree breeding for those not interested in those pesky bees!
  • Updated to BDLib 1.6.2


  • Updated to Forestry 3.4.0, which is now the minimum supported version
  • Updated to BdLib 1.6.0, which is now the minimum supported version
  • Updated to Buildcraft 6.3, which is now the minimum supported version


  • Fixed crash in NEI recipe lookup of DNA extractor


  • Fixed issues with Binnie Mods 2.0-pre4
  • Fixed check for IDismantleable optional
  • Fixed crash if Buildcraft Statements API is not loaded


  • Updated to Forestry 3.3.0


  • Updated to BC 6.2.0
  • MJ support removed


  • Updated to BC 6.1.5, which is now the minimal supported version
  • Added a workaround for other mod’s bees producing invalid items


  • Updated configuration system – see documentation for details
  • Added option to disable bee particles
  • Fixed various crashes and glitches with different modules disabled in Forestry
  • Fixed crash if no bees or branches are defined
  • Fixed Industrial Grafter not producing saplings
  • Fixed RF power being accepted when it’s disabled
  • Updated Korean localization (Thanks puyo061)


  • Added: Winter apiary upgrade
  • Added: Mutation biome and block requirements option for custom bees
  • Built with newer Forestry, Forge and BdLib
  • Updated Chinese localization (thanks ViKaleidoscope)


  • Added Yellorium (Big Reactors) ingots as mutagen source
  • Fixed custom bee descriptions not showing in beealizer
  • Should load after Magic Bees (fixes problems with using bees from it in custom content)
  • Updated Chinese localization (thanks ViKaleidoscope)
  • Added Korean localization (thanks TeamMMKP)


  • Improved compatibility with Botany, flowers are safe to use in all machines now.
  • Improved localization support to better match changes in forestry
  • Removed ExtraBees serum conversion
  • Updated German localization (Thanks Vexatos!)
  • Added Russian localization (Thanks Adaptivity!)


  • Updated to Forestry 3 (which is now minimum required version)
  • Fixed BuildCraft triggers


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.7.10
  • Added Russian localization (thanks Adaptivity)
  • Fixed crash with IC2


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.7.2


  • Added a public API
  • Added import/eject covers
  • Added sanity check for buggy mutations when placing an apiary


  •  Added custom bees system (see for more info)
  • Added a new branch of bees that produce colored honey that can be used as dyes (this is a test/example of the custom bee system)
  • Added WAILA support
  • Added Atomic Science uranium as mutagen source
  • Fixed possible crash on dedicated servers
  • Better error handling in config loader

1.1.1 Hotfix 1

  • Fixed queens produced by the replicator not having correct offspring


  • Fixed fluid loss with EnderIO
  • Renamed “Nocturnal” trait to “Ignores Day/Night” to better represent it’s effect
  • Removed Territory from required chromosomes for butterflies
  • Added /givesample command


  • New Machines
    • Extractor – Converts Bees, Sapling, Pollen, Butterflies, etc. into Liquid DNA (compatible with ExtraBees if installed)
    • Liquifier – Converts uncooked meat into Protein liquid
    • Replicator – Uses Liquid DNA and Protein to create a Queen / Sapling / Butterfly from a filled genetic template
    • Transposer – Copies genetic templates and samples
  • New Items
    • Scooporator MX200 Turbo (A.K.A Industrial Scoop)
    • Environmental Processor – Used in new upgrades
  • New Upgrades
    • Desert/Plains/Jungle Emulation Upgrade – Overrides the biome, allows some species to produce their specialty products. Also changes temperature and humidity.
    • Genetic Stabilizer Upgrade – Removes chance of ignoble bees dying
  • Misc Changes
    • Added BC gate triggers
    • New/Improved slot hints in GUIs
    • Sapling drop chance when using a Grafter is now configurable
    • Hell upgrade recipe changed
    • Hell upgrade now affects humidity
    • Genetic Templates now show number of chromosomes (always) and list of missing (with shift)
    • Added command /givetemplate (spawns fully filled genetic templates)
    • Apiaries can now be controlled with redstone signal
    • Added Chinese Traditional localisation (thanks mymagadsl)


  • Fixed crash when Genetic Waste was produced from a failed mutation


  • Updated to bdlib 1.1
  • Improved Gene Sample name display, work around alleles with empty names


  • All recipes should use oredict glass if available (should fix issues with Random Things mod removing vanilla glass)
  • Mutatron (normal and advanced) should register mutations in forestry breeding tracker


  • First official release
  • Fixed IC2 E-Net derpiness (i hope)
  • Added option to disable specific power systems

Beta Versions


  • Fixed Ignoble bees turning into Pristine using the mutatron


  • Fixed crashes with samples without NBT data (from NEI)
  • Updated localization


  • Added an advanced version of the Mutatron – allows manual selection of mutation (when there are multiple options) and works faster
  • All machines can now be dismantled with TE Crescent Hammer and compatable items
  • Added German localization (thanks wodkashorty)


  • Fixed crash on dedicated servers


  • ExtraBees Serums can now be converted into Gendustry Samples using the Sampler
  • Added gendustry-override.cfg – will only be loaded from the user config folder and can override values in the other configs.
  • Default recipes can now be disabled and replaced in gendustry-override.cfg
  • Options to Disable machines are now in the config files
  • Disabled machines will not show up in NEI
  • Improved IC2 EU support (prevents wasting power if recieving too much)
  • All power displays can now show different units (MJ is default, can be configured to show EU or RF)
  • Lots of internal changes and refactoring
  • Added Chinese localization (thanks crafteverywhere)


  • Added NEI support for all the things
  • Added Added chance modifier to get secret mutations when there are non-secret alternatives


  • Removed hard dependency on BC
  • Added support for IC2
  • Fixed Humidifier recipe
  • Added alternative recipe for Genetic Processor when BC is not installed


  • Added Redstone Flux (the new Thermal Expansion power system) support to all machine
  • Removed some debug console/log spam


  • Fixed apiaries sometimes destroying updates on shift+click


  • Initial release
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