mutatron mutatron

  • Consumes Mutagen to force mutations
  • Gauges on the left are internal power and mutagen storage
  • Requires 1 bucket of mutagen and 20,000 MJ per operation
  • Consumes Labware (top slot)
  • Can mutate bees
    • Princess in the top slot
    • Drone in the bottom
    • Produces a queen of the new species that will produce pure bred offspring when she dies
  • Can mutate trees
    • Sapling in the top slot
    • Pollen in the bottom
    • Produces a sapling of the new species
  • Creatures from artificial sources (a.k.a Ignoble Stock) have a chance of not surviving the process
  • Labware and inputs can be inserted from any side
  • Result can be extracted from any side



Advanced mutatron

advanced-mutatron  adv mutatron

  • Allows selection of which mutation will occur if there are multiple options
  • Can work twice as fast if energy supply is adequate


advanced mutatron

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