Industrial Apiary


apiary apiary

  • Requires BuildCraft / Thermal Expansion / IC2 power to run (2 MJ/t or equivalent without upgrades)
  • Has 4 slots for special upgrades
  • Doesn’t have the 90% production reduction of normal apiaries
  • Doesn’t support frames


  • The gauge on the left is internal power storage
  • Left slots are for a Queen/Princess and Drones
  • Middle 4 slots for upgrades
  • Right 9 slots for products and offspring
  • Mouse over the status icon to see if anything is ok and some general stats (more detailed if the bee is analyzed!)


  • Bees can be inserted from any side
  • Products can be removed from any side
  • With automation upgrade – will automaticaly move offspring back to the bee slots allowing them to breed and spawn a new queen
  • Upgrades can’t be inserted/removed¬†via automation



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