Mutagen Producer

mutagen producer mutagen-producer
  • Converts solid items into mutagen
  • The gauge on the left is internal power storage
  • The gauge on the right is internal mutagen tank
  • Requires 100,000 MJ for every item converted
  • Items can be inserted from any side (will only accept valid items)
  • Mutagen will be automatically outputted to any nearby pipe or tank


mutagen prod


Item Mutagen
Redstone Dust 0.1 buckets
Glowstone Dust 0.2 buckets
Glowstone Block 0.8 buckets
Redstone Block 0.9 buckets
Uranium Block (IC2) 4.5 buckets
Small pile of U235 (IC2) 1 bucket
U235 (IC2) 9 buckets
U238 (IC2) 0.5 buckets
Yellorium (Big Reactors) 1 buckets
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