Gendustry uses BACON format for it’s configuration, this page describes Gendustry specific mechanics and extensions, refer to the main BACON documentation for explanation of the format.

Loading order

  • <jar>/assets/gendustry/config/files.lst is read from the jar, this specifies the internal list of config files
  • Each config file name is checked:
    • If <minecraft>/config/gendustry/override/<filename> is present – it is loaded instead
    • otherwise <jar>/assets/gendustry/config/<filename> is loaded
  • all files in <minecraft>/config/gendustry/*.cfg are loaded in alphabetic order

User supplied configuration

There are 3 ways to provide custom configuration extensions:

  • Create a file in <minecraft>/config/gendustry named <whatever>.cfg – This is the recommended method
  • Extract any of the files from the jar into <minecraft>/config/gendustry/overrides and edit them there – You will be need to manually update them when the mod updates
  • Edit the files directly in the JAR – This is the least recommended method

Added statements

Gendustry adds some new Recipe Statements:

Configuration Sections

Custom Bees System

When adding new content you should also add localization files.

Client Configuration

A separate file is used for configuration of various cosmetic features on clients. This file is named <minecraft>/config/gendustry/client.config and follows standard Forge format.

The following settings can be changed:

  • Particles from Industrial Apiaries
  • Energy display unit (MJ/RF/EU)
  • Registration of samples in NEI
  • Registration of different recipes in NEI

This file will not be generated on dedicated servers, and have no effect if present.

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