Power Configuration


Global Power Configuration (Power config section)

  • RF_MJ_Ratio – Sets the RF/MJ conversion ratio
  • EU_MJ_Ratio – Sets the EU/MJ conversion ratio
  • EU
    • Enabled – Set to False to disable EU support
    • SinkTier – Determines the voltage machines can accept (1 = LV, 2 = MV, 3 = HV, 4 = EV etc.)
  • BC
    • Enabled – Set to False to disable MJ support
    • MinReceivedEnergyDivisor – Defines the raio between Max and Min recieved power.
    • PowerLoss, PowerLossInterval
      • Power loss from internal buffer, will loose on average PowerLoss/PowerLossInterval MJ/tick
      • Cannot be set below 0.01, this is enforced by BC API
      • Applies to the intermediate MJ buffer only
  • RF
    • Enabled – Set to False to disable RF support

Per-Machine Configuration (Appears in every machine section)

Those are used in every machine section to specify how it uses power. All the vaues are in MJ but apply to all power systems

  • MaxReceivedEnergy
    • Max energy received into buffer in a single pulse
    • Should be high if direct connections form BC engines are expected as they output once in up to 100 ticks
    • 500 is a good value for a combustion engines
  • ActivationEnergy
    • Machine will until that much energy is available before it does anything
    • Should be reasonably high to prevent small update spam
  • MaxStoredEnergy
    • Size of internal buffer, for some machines this affects speed, see below
  • MjPerItem
    • Cost of a single operation in MJ, for most machines this means processing 1 item
  • PowerUseRate
    • Sets the max speed of machines with variable speed

Most machines use a variable speed system, while MjPerItem is constant, the actual energy used per tick is variable
The upper bound is MaxStoredEnergy * PowerUseRate and the lower bound is ActivationEnergy

For example, with the following config:

MaxStoredEnergy = 10000
MjPerItem = 10000
PowerUseRate = 0.005
ActivationEnergy = 5

If a machine recieves 10 MJ/t it will stabilize at ~2000 energy stored and use 10 MJ/t to run, completing a cycle in 1000 ticks
If the same machine recieves 50 MJ/t it will stabilize at ~10000 energy stored and use 50 MJ/t to run, completing a cycle in 200 ticks
While if it would recieve 2 MJ/t it will only run once in 2.5 ticks on average, will consume 5 MJ/t every time it activates and will take 5000 ticks to finish, no energy will be stored

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