Adding Custom Bees


Gendustry allows users (pack makers, server admins, etc.) to add bees to the game, without requiring any programming.

Custom bees should be described in user config files ({minecraft}/config/gendustry/{name}.cfg), and you will need to add localization files as well (at least for English).

Steps to add bees:

  1. Add a custom branch (can be skipped if you want to extend one of the vanilla branches)
  2. Add new honey combs and/or honey drops (can be skipped if your bees will only give vanilla combs or other items)
  3. Add new bee species
  4. Add mutations for your bees
  5. Add Centrifuge recipes for your combs
  6. Add Squeezer recipes for your drops
  7. Add custom worldgen Hives
  8. Add localization for all new content


There are example configuration and localization files on github.


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