Adding Bee Species


Bees config section is used to add new bee species, with every sub-section representing a new species.

Subsection name will become part of the species UID – the full UID will be “gendustry.bee.{name}” – this will be used in mutation definitions and other places that need to refer to the species.


  • Dominant (Boolean) – Whether species allele is dominant or recessive
  • Glowing (Boolean) – Whether icon should be glowing
  • PrimaryColor (Number) – Color as a hex number (0xRRGGBB), can also be specified as {r g b} with values (0-1)
  • SecondaryColor (Number)
  • Secret (Boolean) – If true – will not show up in NEI or creative and will not count against the species total
  • Humidity – Valid values: Arid, Normal, Damp
  • Temperature – Valid values: Icy, Cold, Normal, Warm, Hot, Hellish
  • Nocturnal (Boolean) – If true – only works at night
  • Binominal (String) – Used in some GUIs
  • Authority (String) – Used in some GUIs, should be your name
  • Branch (String) – Branch UID
  • Products (DropsList) – List of normal drops
  • Specialty (DropsList) – List of specialty bees
  • Traits – Sub-section that desctibes genetics

Traits subsection

Should include a field named “Base” with the UID of the species that will act as a base, and optionally a list of chromosomes and alleles in the following format:

{chromosome name} = {allele uid}

Valid chromosome names:

  • Speed
  • Lifespan
  • Fertility
  • Temperature_Tolerance
  • Nocturnal
  • Humidity_Tolerance
  • Tolerant_Flyer
  • Cave_Dwelling
  • Flower_Provider
  • Flowering
  • Territory
  • Effect

To get a list of alleles you can use “/dumpalleles” command



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