Custom localization files


All added content should have localization available for at least US English. Localization for other languages can be added as well.

Localization should be in {minecraft}/config/gendustry/{name}.{code}.lang

  • {code}¬†is in the same format as minecraft localization, US English is “en_US”, etc.
  • {name} can be anything, but for ease of use should match the name of the config file adding the content

The files follow a standard {key}={value} format with the following keys:

  • gendustry.honeycomb.{name}.name – Comb name
  • gendustry.honeydrop.{name}.name – Drop name
  • gendustry.bees.species.{name} – Bee name
  • gendustry.bees.species.{name} – Bee description (shows in beealzier)
  • gendustry.upgrades.{name}.name – Upgrade name
  • tile.gendustry.BeeHive{id}.name – Custom hive name
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