DNA Extractor


extractor extractor

  • Extracts Liquid DNA from organisms
  • Consumes 1 set of Labware per 10 runs on average
  • The gauge on the left is internal power storage
  • The gauge on the right is internal DNA tank
  • Requires 80,000 MJ for every organism processed
  • Items can be inserted from any side (will only accept valid items)
  • Liquid DNA will be automatically outputted to any nearby pipe or tank




Item Liquid DNA
Drone 0.1 buckets
Princess 0.5 buckets
Queen 0.6 buckets
Sapling 0.1 buckets
Pollen 0.4 buckets
Butterfly 0.2 buckets
Serum 0.8 buckets
Caterpillar 1 bucket


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