genesampleblank Blank Gene Sample

  • Used in a Sampler to take genetic samples form organisms, holds a single chromosome.
genesample Gene Sample

  • Produced by a Sampler
  • Heat to erase genetic information
  • Can be added to a Template with normal crafting (the recipe is shapeless, any number of samples can be added at once)
genetemplate Genetic Template

  • Holds multiple samples belonging to a single species
  • Used in Imprinters to modify organisms
  • Heat to erase genetic information
Crafting components
geneticsprocessor Genetics Processor

  • An advanced processor, with the ability to manipulate genetic information
 genetic processor
envprocessor Enviromental Processor

  • And advanced processor, with the ability to manipulate the environment
 env processor
mutagentank Mutagen Tank

  • A special tank used to safely store Mutagen inside machines
 mutagen tank
powermodule Power Module

  • Allows machines to safely receive and store large loads of energy
 power module
beereceptacle Bee Receptacle

  • Safely holds a living bee and allows it’s genome to be manipulated
climatemodule Climate Control Module

  • Allows apiary upgrades to manipulate the local climate
 climate module
 upgradeframe Upgrade Frame

upgrade frame
Misc Items
labware Genetics Labware

  • Used in machines operating on genetic material
waste Genetic Waste

  • An unlucky creature that did not survive your experiments, you monster!
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